13 May 2010

Music mogul Simon Cowell has always been an advocate of cosmetic surgery for helping people hold onto their youthful looks into middle-age, and the 50-year-old star recently revealed his plans for a substantial makeover before his wedding to fiancée Mezghan Hussainy later this year. A source close to the couple told Star magazine: "Simon has booked in for the works."He keeps saying he's dating a woman 14 years younger than him, so he needs to keep on his toes and look the part." The Britain's Got Talent judge will reportedly be spending £100,000 on a full makeover to help him achieve a youthful look for his bride, including non surgical treatments such as Botox and weekly microdermabrasion facials. "He's spending a fortune on Botox and fillers to try to keep a youthful look, and he's going back to the dentist in LA to get costly teeth enhancements," the source explained. "The way Simon sees it is that if he's gone through all these treatments in the past for a TV show, he can certainly do it for his wedding day." Simon has long been vocal in his support of Botox, and previously told The Mirror that procedures such as Botox are a natural part of his daily life. "For me it’s like cleaning my teeth - something makes your teeth whiter or something stops you having lines," he explained. As well as boosting his looks with cosmetic surgery, Simon will also be working hard with a personal trainer to ensure his body is in great shape when the big day arrives.