20 June 2012

Simon Cowell is once again at the centre of rumours that he has had cosmetic surgery this time, its a facelift. The music mogul, who has confessed to being obsessed with anti-ageing, was photographed driving along Sunset Boulevard, Beverley Hills, in his vintage, open-top Jeep. A closer look revealed a plaster nearly concealed behind his ear, and this promptly started up the rumour mill, with the Daily Mail speculating that he had undergone face lift surgery.Sources close to the 52-year-old star quashed rumours however, blaming the plaster on an accident, the details of which have not been disclosed. Journalists suggested a shaving or grooming nick could be the reason for the plaster, and judging by the cheery manner in which Cowell greeted those paparazzi with zoom lenses, the likelihood is that this is truth of the matter. He may not have had a face lift, but Cowell makes no secret of his regular Botox injections, as well as his penchant for black toilet paper and regular intravenous vitamin drips. See original story here: