17 May 2010

As one of the world's richest and most influential men, Simon Cowell, has long been seen as a hot prospect - despite his sharp tongue. What's more, while I was shocked to find out - way back when Simon was only just first gracing our screens - that lots of my friends fancied him, it turns out he's actually the secret crush of plenty of women I know. Turns out high trousers and a dodgy haircut do it for some people! That said, he certainly does know how to look after himself, and our Simon is a big fan of using Botox and other cosmetic surgery treatments to boost his appearance. Sadly for all those ladies with a secret Simon crush, the music mogul is soon to be married to fiance Mezghan Hussainy. And of course, the star plans to make sure he looks in tip top shape for the big day itself. In fact, there are rumours going around that he's planning a 100, 000 makeover! If he's planning on spending that on sprucing up his looks, I'm desperate to find out how much they'll be spending on the wedding itself - or on the wedding dress! But I guess if there's one thing Simon doesn't have to worry about, it's money. He earned $75 million last year alone, so I think he'd have to try pretty hard to put a dent in his pocket with his wedding expenses. I reckon this is going to be one of the most spectacular weddings of the year, and I'm hoping we get to hear all about it - even if I will have to put up with a few long faces from the Simon fans in my friend group.