11 September 2007

Louisa Myhill, 34, is a nurse from North Lincolnshire and had corrective surgery on her nose in August 2006

First Magazine 'Since my early 20s, I have been self-conscious about my nose'

"Since my early 20s, I have been self-conscious about my nose. My ex-boyfriend called me �Nimrod' and, although I laughed it off, my confidence was ebbing away. Surgery then would have been a mistake. But by the time I did do it, I'd met my new partner and gained a lot of confidence. He said he loved me as I was, but would support me whatever I chose to do. It affects the person you're with too, so you need to consider their feelings. Then there are the practical considerations: Will you go out wearing bandages? How long do you need off work? My bruising took six weeks to disappear (something to bear in mind if you have a wedding invite in the �danger' zone, as I did). Although the surgery cost �3,400, the change was only subtle. Most people say I look different but they can't work out why. I just hear: �You look well' a lot more. Surgery changed my life. You still have to work at things that might be hard - relationships, work - but it can give you a boost." Read more about rhinoplasty procedures and our cosmetic surgery guide. Contact us today to book your free rhinoplasty consultation with one of highly qualified Nurses.