20 February 2009

It appears that popular performer Tom Jones has embraced an image change that has him accepting his looks and age. The performer, previously renowned for wearing tight trousers and dying his hair to mask his aging looks, has now decided to ditch the hair dye and clothes to embrace his natural appearance.In an interview with the Daily Mail, the newspaper notes that Jones is proudly showing off his head of silver hair and a new suited-up style. He told the Daily Mail: "I've moved onto the next stage of my life. I can laugh at myself, but I suddenly thought: 'It's not the tight trousers they are making fun of now, it's the dyed hair.' "When my son Mark became my manager he immediately got me out of the tight trousers and revamped my image." Jones has previously undergone cosmetic surgery, having had chin surgery, nose reshaping and eye bag removal, as well as other non-surgical procedures to keep his teeth white. However, Jones notes that he might be taking a break from more cosmetic surgery, saying: "You've got to look like yourself, not another version. So what you see is what you get now." Jones has recently released a new album and is expected to go on the road touring this year. He noted that he has some nerves when it comes to performing with his new look. He said: "But this time the fans were shouting: 'Tom, you look great - we love your hair.' So this is me now and it's a lot easier."