29 November 2010

A growing number of women are finding that life certainly doesn't end at 60 and are more than happy to shout about their experiences. According to a feature in the Daily Mail, single ladies in their sixties are finding it easier to have fun than ever before - thanks to improved attitudes and opportunities for more mature women. Speaking to the Daily Mail, chartered psychologist Dr Gary Wood, who specialises in attitudes and -stereotypes, says the last few decades has seen major changes in our concept of age. Dr Wood explained: "Our life expectancy has stretched dramatically, so weve readjusted our perception of what constitutes 'old'. "Fifty years ago, women in their 60s were considered elderly. They consigned themselves to beige slacks and slid into a sedentary old age. "Our expectation now of how 60-year-old women behave has shifted. Their appearance and attitudes are youthful; theyre fitter and, if theyre middle class, they are often financially independent." What's more, with the recent advances in cosmetic surgery, women in their 60s now also have a range of options to help them feel and look younger. From non surgical solutions such as Botox or skin peels to procedures such as liposuction or tummy tucks, women now have many more options at their disposal when it comes to their appearance. Contrary to popular belief, many women insist that rather than feeling lonely or left on the shelf when finding themselves single in their 60s, they are full of a lust for life that could put their younger counterparts to shame.