24 September 2009

A study has suggested that cosmetic surgery advice should be made clearer and more widely available, to make it easier for patients to make the correct decision about which procedure is right for them.Private Healthcare UK reports that one in five people who consider cosmetic surgery treatments ultimately end up deciding against them due to an overload of information that is too much to take in, according to findings published by the Good Surgeon Guide. The Good Surgeon Guide invites people who have undergone cosmetic surgery to leave honest feedback about their experiences, so that other people can make informed decisions about which cosmetic surgery procedure is right for them. Patients are also advised to research clinics before attending, to ensure they have a good reputation. The website's co-founder Christina Clogg urges patients to leave comments about their results and experiences from surgery, stating: "We would encourage anybody who has had cosmetic surgery to spend a few moments to speak about their experience on the site." With the popularity of cosmetic surgery increasing significantly each year, and a wider range of procedures available than ever before, it is vital that women and men can find easy access to all the relevant information about their desired procedures from a trusted source. Around 600,000 people underwent surgery in 2008, ten times as many people as six years ago. Liposuction is currently the most popular cosmetic surgery treatment in the UK, followed by breast enlargement, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery and tummy tuck procedures.