Six ways to shake up your Skin Care regime

Six ways to shake up your Skin Care regime

11 June 2015

Throw your beauty rule book out of the window with these six quirky, new tricks for beautiful healthy skin. These little known beauty secrets will have you re-thinking everything you’ve been taught about Skin Care so far!

1) Oil

Oils have long been renowned for their restorative properties in the world of Hair Care, but now they’re being touted as a must have product for your skin care regime too. From argon oil to avocados, these skin saviours cleanse the skin removing make-up and dirt as well as hydrating and rejuvenating.

2) Powder before foundation

This make-up trick comes from cosmetic legend Wayne Goss – the man whose make-up brushes had a 12,000 person waiting list on their release. For the perfect foundation, Goss recommends beginning with a good base moisturiser, followed by a light dusting of powder and then applying a thin layer of foundation. The matte powder provides an even base for your foundation, giving it a lasting finish and ultimately meaning less product is required.

3) Cold showers are better for your skin

Turn down the temperature dial on your morning shower for an extra boost of moisture for your skin. Hot water dehydrates the skin and strips it of natural oils – so a cooler temperature is better for your complexion.

4) Chocolate fights signs of ageing

Good news for anyone with a sweet tooth, dark chocolate has been found to help fight signs of ageing. Low sugar, high cacao dark chocolate is packed with skin nourishing ingredients

5) Caffeine reduces puffiness and cellulite

Coffee may be your go-to wake up call in the morning, but did you know that when it’s used topically it can reduce puffiness and even cellulite in the skin? This is because caffeine constricts the blood vessels, temporarily improving the appearance of the skin.

6) Go fermented

Fermented ingredients may sound unpleasant, but studies have found they help tackle all sorts of skin problems thanks to their vitamin and amino acid potency. This well-known Asian beauty secret has recently taken the US by storm, so look out for products with fermented ingredients listed on their labels.


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