15 April 2009

I think it's a shame that when some people think of the words 'boob job' they think of over the top implants favoured by glamour models. Recently, more and more women have come to us looking for natural looking breast implants or lifts. That's because they want to feel happy with their breast size - and happy doesn't necessarily mean massive. For example, many of the women who come to see us suffer from shyness or discomfort because they believe their breasts are non existent or very small. In these cases, women just want to look the way that they've always desired to see themselves. More often than not, this is a vision of an average bust size rather than a large one. Another selection of girls likely to come to us considering breast lifts or augmentations are mothers who've found that their boobs have become saggy or deflated following childbirth. And these woman tend to want to be able to reclaim the figure they had before pregnancy, not drastically change their look. Breast surgery is often undertaken as a method to restore confidence, not as a way to grab attention and I think it's sad to see so many people tarred with the same brush. An experienced cosmetic surgeon will be able to help woman decide what size is the best for their own body shape - after all, everyone is unique - and that's when I'd like to think that people considering a size too far will get some good advice!