Skin ages 10 times faster if you live in a city, study finds

11 November 2014

Have you ever looked in the mirror and bemoaned the appearance of a brand new wrinkle? Well according to a recent study, premature ageing could all be down to where you live, with those living in a city prone to skin ageing 10 times faster than for countryside dwellers.

Professor Wei Liu, Dermatologist at the China Air Force general hospital in Beijing, and undertaker of the study, explained the reason why skin ages faster for those living in cities. It’s all to do with the pollution in city air, which contains no fewer than 224 chemicals that are harmful to complexions and lead to a loss of Keratin.

Keratin is a protein found in skin which helps it to retain moisture, keeping skin youthful looking. If this protein starts to break down, it leads to the formation of wrinkles which in turn makes us look older.

For those with sensitive skin, pollution can also contribute to further problems such as uneven skin tone, redness and inflammation.

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