Skin Cancer risk doubled as holidaymakers forget to apply sunscreen

11 May 2015

How often do you apply sunscreen when you’re out in the sun? New research shows that almost 60 per cent of people forget to apply sunscreen to some parts of their body. With three in four people admitting to getting sunburnt last year, experts are warning that our skin cancer risk has doubled.

Whether you’re sunning yourself on a beach in Spain or sitting out in your garden at home, exposure to the sun without using sufficient protection can cause permanent and serious damage to your skin. We’re all aware that skin cancer numbers are increasing but only four per cent said they checked for signs each month.

On the back of this research, Dermatologists have issued a warning that we’re “burying our heads in the sand” when it comes to taking responsibility for protecting our skin in the sun.

A spokesman for The British Association of Dermatologists said: “Almost three-quarters of people admitted they had been sunburned in the past year, which is shocking.

“People underestimate the damage sunburn can do and many think reddening is just a harmless part of the tanning process, rather than a sure sign you have damaged your skin irreparably.”

Applying sun cream but missing certain areas was the top reason for burning (32 per cent of survey respondents). The areas most often neglected were shoulders, nose and soles of feet.

28 per cent of respondents said they ‘forgot’ to use protection while a further 20 per cent forgot to reapply their sunscreen.

Perhaps more worryingly, four per cent didn’t use any sun protection, claiming it would prevent them from getting a tan.

Scientists estimate that getting sunburned once every couple of years could triple your risk of developing skin cancer.

Experts advise everyone to use sufficient sun protection, reapplying frequently, wear a hat, and stay out of the sun between the hours of 11am and 3pm.

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Image Credit Attribution: juefraphoto/ iStock/ Thinkstock