15 August 2014

While Skin Care experts recommend layering your moisturiser, sunscreen and serum for optimum results, there are a few ingredients in Skin Care products which should not be mixed. Read on for the Skin Care blunders to avoid.- Lactic acid and RetinolCombining products containing these ingredients will cause irritation and redness according to Dermatologists. Made the mistake already? Take an anti-inflammatory tablet or apply some hydrocortisone cream to the area to soothe. - Vitamin C and Glycolic acidLikewise, you should try to avoid mixing vitamin C and products containing glycolic acid as this will alter the pH of the former, rendering it an ineffective antioxidant. New York based Dermatologist, David Bank recommends opting for serums with hearty antioxidants such as green tea. - Citric acid and, well, anythingFound in many moisturisers, citric acid is known to cause irritation when mixed with other products. Be sure to check the label on your moisturiser before layering up your Skin Care. - Acne treatments and RetinolTo avoid redness and dry skin, avoid combining Acne treatments with products containing Retinol. Are you guilty of making any of these Skin Care mistakes? Let us know on Facebook.