Skin care secrets from a celebrity Aesthetician

Skin care secrets from a celebrity Aesthetician

11 August 2015

We love any beauty tip that can get us a step closer to the glowing complexion of our favourite stars! So when one celebrity Esthetician (that’s an acne specialist to you and I) revealed the expert bedtime rituals that’ll have you waking up gorgeous and fresh faced the next morning we couldn’t wait to try them.

  • Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse

No sleeping beauty should wake up with panda eyes! Thoroughly removing your make-up before bed gets rid of the grease, dirt and oil that build up over the course of the day and helps prevent blemishes.

  • Remove your make-up as soon as you’re home

Taking your make-up off as soon as you’re home for the evening gives your skin extra time to breath. Experts recommend double cleansing your skin at night, using a make-up remover followed by a foaming face wash for a squeaky clean complexion.

  • Moisturise

Your skin – just like the rest of your body – is at rest over-night. This means it is more permeable and able to absorb the nourishing ingredients from your moisturiser. A lot of your body’s regeneration occurs while you sleep, so look for a night cream with active ingredients that repair and restore the skin.

  • Clean pillow cases

If you’re prone to acne and blemishes, the expert recommends you change your pillow cases every night to avoid bacteria and oil building up on them.

  • Sleep on two pillows

Elevating your head slightly while you sleep helps reduce fluid retention in the eye area, so you’re less likely to wake up with puffy bags.


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Image credit: Elena Kharichkina/ Shutterstock