Skin-conscious women won’t go makeup free in front of partner

1 December 2014

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? How much of that time is taken up by applying a full face of makeup?  A new survey of women aged 18 to 30 has found that a huge 54 per cent refuse to go makeup free in front of their partners until they have been dating for at least a year.

The findings indicate that a growing number of women feel conscious about baring their skin, whether due to a skin condition such as Acne or simply because they feel less confident without their face made up.

25-year-old LP said: “My boyfriend didn’t see me without makeup on until after a year.

“I haven’t been confident about my skin since I was about 15 and started suffering with acne.

“Although I would describe myself as a confident person, without my war paint I start to feel anxious and it totally affects my personality… even now.”

L' admitted that nowadays she is a lot more skin confident, having undergone a series of successful Skin Peels and Laser treatments. Happy with the results of the treatments, she is now confident enough to go makeup free around her boyfriend.

Do you agree with the research? How long do you wait in a relationship before going makeup free in front of your partner? Let us know on Twitter.