29 October 2013

Beautiful woman in profileElise Oberliensen, a writer from American lifestyle magazine Hartford.com, has looked into treatments available for anyone whose sun-kissed summer glow has given way to a number of small brown skin spots. This uneven skin tone, or 'irregular pigmentation', is sometimes diagnosed by a doctor as Lentigines, commonly called sunspots, age spots or liver spots, and results from a combination of ageing skin and excess sun. To address this and other winter skin worries, Oberliensen took some tips on keeping the effects of the cold weather at bay from world-renowned dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, who says: "As the temperature drops, fewer water vapours circulate in the air. Then we crank up the [heating], further depleting available moisture. And our skin takes a beating."Dr Perricone urges people to keep a close watch on humidity levels in their homes. Cosmetic surgeon Dr Paul Stanislaw adds that washing hands regularly, but using a mild hand soap, will also help prevent skin becoming dry and brittle. He also suggests resisting the urge to take long, hot baths or showers and going easy with the soap. "Soaking in a tub of soapy water can dry your skin, especially for people with eczema, because the soap strips oils from the skin," he points out. So using a gentle cleanser, formulated to be non-irritating and to help maintain the skin's moisture levels, is a good tip for protecting the skin in colder weather. Finally, Allison Marks, a spokeswoman for a Los Angeles-based cosmetics company, recommends undergoing cosmetic treatments such as Laser Hair Removal and Obagi Skin Peels during the winter, as the reduced hours of sunshine mean there is less chance of the skin becoming pigmented or mottled after treatment.