Skin experts reveal the benefits of double cleansing

17 October 2014

Sometimes in life, there are certain things that are better the second time around – and according to the latest trend to hit the beauty industry, it appears that using two different cleansers (otherwise known as double cleansing) to remove makeup as well as cleanse skin is the next big thing.

So how does it work? Take two cleansers so they work in tandem to deliver the best results, but ensure that you start with an oil-based cleanser (to effectively remove makeup) then follow up by rinsing the oil off your face with warm water, and finish with a water-based cleanser. Lastly, apply a softener and moisturiser to the face, and enjoy an improved complexion.

The secret to better skin is thanks to the oil – while it’s a common misconception that it contributes to breakouts, it in fact combats oil-based makeup (such as foundation) to remove grime when mixed with water. Where many exfoliate, this process can actually dry out the skin; which then leads to an oil-production overload. By double cleansing, skin is left fresh with all makeup removed completely.

Have you heard of this cleansing process? If not, are you going to give it a go? Let us know what difference it makes to your complexion on our Twitter page – and if you’re feeling brave, why not post photos of your results?