10 March 2014

Woman applying face creamAs part of an extensive article in which it invited readers to submit their top queries, leading fashion and beauty website Never Underdressed has compiled a list of its 50 most-asked questions on skincare. It took tips from leading world-renowned Dermatologists to address questions such as those below:- Is it worth having Laser Treatment to remove sun spots? The expert confirmed that it was, but the patient would have to commit to staying out of the sun for a few months afterwards, and then use a cream with an SPF of at least 30 to help prevent them coming back. - How can I repair Thread Veins or burst blood vessels in my cheeks? Such conditions often become more apparent as the skin thins with age. Dermatologist Dr Ginny Hubbard recommends Laser treatment to make the marks disappear, and afterward an Anti-Ageing face cream with a high SPF to prevent any further damage. - Does sugar have an adverse effect on the skin? Yes, according to one Cosmetic Surgeon, because it accelerates the deterioration of the Elastin and Collagen in the skin, which are its key proteins. "Reducing sugar intake will positively help boost glow, radiance and elasticity in the skin", he added. - What is the optimum age to start using an eye or anti-wrinkle cream? One Doctor said the former will start to help maintain and repair the delicate skin around the eyes from the 20s onwards. But, he added: "It's a huge no-no to use an anti-wrinkle cream before your skin shows signs of ageing. "The potent active ingredients will either have no effect or a detrimental one," he added, and said that Skin Peels, too, should not be resorted to too early, frequently or using a stronger than necessary product, as this will make the skin thin and fragile. - What kinds of issues do Skin Peels address? There are superficial, medium and deep peels to address issues ranging from minor skin texture problems, through to wrinkles and scarring, to severe issues usually only tackled after medical advice. In each instance, professional advice should be sought to ascertain the appropriate level of peel for any condition. An Agera Skin Peel would be an effective way to treat minor skin texture problems, while medium to severe issued can be addressed with an Obagi Blue Skin Peel. Other types of questions saw the Dermatologists recommending the likes of Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) for tacking acne scars and signs of ageing caused by sun damage simultaneously. Unsurprisingly, Botox was cited as the number one treatment for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, with another Cosmetic Surgeon adding: In terms of skincare, products which cause effective moisturisation may also create the same effect temporarily. What are your biggest skincare concerns? Why not send us a tweet and we will answer them.