04 July 2014

Its an age-old dilemma why is it that the good things in life end up not being so good for us? Take for example chocolate and health: how can chocolate taste so good, yet have such a bad impact on our skin? With the advice of two skincare experts, weve managed to solve this common conundrum, finally laying to rest the pros and cons of our favourite treat. The world would be a dull place without the indulgence of chocolate, noted one expert. However, because of its high fat and caffeine content, it also has its disadvantages. She added: The skin reflects what you eat and if consumed by someone who has combination to oily skin, it can cause havoc to the skin with the tendency to breakouts. Id recommend switching to dark chocolate to satisfy your sweet craving as the lower fat content and boost of anti-oxidants is better for your skin. Dermatologists are in agreement about the benefits of dark chocolate yet highlight that the majority of antioxidants found in commercial products are eradicated. A few years ago we performed a study comparing standard 70% dark chocolate to a specially produced 70% chocolate, which maintained its high antioxidant levels. We found that the antioxidant-rich chocolate helped the skin to respond less pronounced to the suns harmful effect. However, the normal chocolate did not show that benefit, one Dermatologist explained. This leaves you with two options either make your own, or invest in products containing 85% cocoa content or higher. She said: I use raw cocoa powder at home. Its sugar-free and I heat it only very briefly and gently to melt everything together, so the antioxidants are maintained. Also, because it doesnt contain sugar, you avoid harmful collagen cross-linking. So it seems that the solution is to treat yourself occasionally but be careful, as too much of a good thing can leave you with breakouts. Can you maintain a healthy balance of chocolate and a flawless complexion? If so, tell us your secrets on Twitter today.