21 March 2014

Mature womanThere may not be one single secret to maintain young-looking skin, but a respected health website has pulled together a list of 10 top habits which, by the popular opinion of experts, will help anyone trying to do so. The top 10 tips included: - Lose the make-up, gain a doctor: Trying to conceal signs of ageing by slathering on the make-up is a no-no. Instead visiting a Dermatologist once a month, in conjunction with drawing up and following a regular skincare regime, is recommended.- Cleanse: Set aside time every day to do this, whether or not you wear make-up. "Sleeping with make-up on [can] cause direct damage, breaking down the matrix that gives our skin its bounce and glow," said Dr Jessica Krant, an Assistant Professor of Dermatology. - Boost your Collagen: Skincare products containing vitamin A such as Retinol promote the skin's production of this natural protective substance, and can also help counter skin discolouration, according to Dr Julia Tzu, a fellow Assistant Dermatology Professor. A Skincare expert can again advise on the right type of the various topical treatments available. - Drink plenty of water: Take it instead of sugary drinks during the day and your skin will start to feel the effects before you even realise you're thirsty, says celebrity nutritionist JJ Virgin. - Go heavy on the sun protection: This advice is regardless of age, as the skin shows signs of excessive exposure cumulatively. Using a product with an SPF of at least 30, and wearing a hat are widely-quoted tips. - Exfoliate: This should be done once a week to slough away dry, rough skin patches which emphasise wrinkles. It "helps [skin] products to penetrate better, keeps the pores minimised and can erase fine lines," adds celebrity New York Facialist Joanna Vargas. - Always apply eye cream: This can be just as important as sunscreen, but the delicate skin around the eyes needs plenty of hydration to keep it supple and keep lines at bay. - Protect skin with a basic moisturiser: This keeps skin looking translucent, and plumps up fine lines and wrinkles to help hide them. - Find an antioxidant serum: These soften and even out skin tone, but the best ones include vitamins C and E, and can be combined with a moisturiser or sunscreen. - Beauty sleep: This is no myth, as the time is needed to help the body repair the damage incurred in daily life. It also reduces stress hormones, which can damage skin cells. - Are you putting any of these into practice? Let us know on Facebook.