21 May 2012

She may have the kind of skin which just glows with fresh-out-of-the-sun colour but Gabrielle Union says she still has to take protecting her complexion seriously. And as she is a long-standing ambassador for skincare brand Neutrogena, the 39-year-old actress and former model, knows she has to practice what she preaches.That's especially the case since she saw how the sun was affecting the skin of members of her own family and close friends. "As I've [grown] older, I've seen relatives' moles change shape," she told the Belfast Telegraph. "They think: 'That's cute it's like Janet Jackson'. But it's not cute it's called melanoma". That's why a strong sunblock is always part of Gabrielle's daily skincare regime. "I use a grapefruit cleanser," she says, adding that she will use an acne treatment if she's having "a breakout". "But," she adds, "usually it's always my clear pore astringent and my trusty sunblock". Apart from some lip gloss and mascara, she says, her only other secret to healthy skin is to "keep it moving".