03 October 2011

113595900Specialist skincare can help to repair minor skin damage but it cant replace the results of cosmetic surgery, says a new study. tested the results of beauty products that claim to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, firm up skin and plump up lips, and compared these results to those achieved with cosmetic surgery procedures such as face and neck lifts.Alice Smellie, of, gives her verdict on the products and reports on the medical side of things with help from cosmetic specialist Dr Michael Prager. Smellie compared the possible effects of dermal lip fillers with a lip volume gel first. She said: This comes in a nifty and sleek silver tube and goes on like a lip gloss. It tingles a little on first applying but lips look instantly a little plumper. After two weeks they are certainly better moisturised but Im hardly Angelina Jolie. Dr Pragers verdict: Peppermint will increase blood flow to the area to create plumping. It will work as a quick fix and hydrate lips but is unlikely to be a long-term solution. The next procedure to come under scrutiny was the neck lift, and a cream that claims to provide a similar look for a fraction of the price. Smellie said: It sounds too good to be true but I apply the cream in sweeping strokes up my neck. After minutes my skin looks smoother, though this might be down to moisturising. A week of use and my neck is less wrinkly. But Dr Prager believes that while this may work on minor problems and the action of applying the cream could reduce water retention, the cream is not the same as surgery but not as expensive. Finally, Botox and new creams that claim to offer the same smoothing effect were compared. Smellie said of the cream: It has a strange smell but is extraordinary. Skin around wrinkles does look tensed and fine lines filled in. My skin feels a little dry but the instant results are amazing. But Dr Prager is sceptical: Its possible that [the ingredient Snap-8) is a miracle. However Id be surprised if it were present in quantities to make a difference. If it could penetrate this deep it would be a medical treatment by law. It may be filling lines with an ingredient such as collagen and probably has hydrating qualities.