Smart Mirror could be the key to Anti-Ageing

1 October 2014

Magic mirrors – what was once a fairy tale ideal made famous by Disney film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, could now become a reality thanks to Panasonic’s ‘Smart Mirror’.

First making an appearance at consumer goods and home appliances tradeshow IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany, the smart mirror works by assessing your face and recommending beauty tips to reduce the look of a wrinkled complexion.

The mirror functions using in-built sensors and facial recognition software, developing a large hologram image of a user’s face before analysing key areas that the mirror believes require some extra TLC.

As well as highlighting wrinkles, the mirror also looks out for any under-eye bags, blemishes and smile lines. Once the mirror has completed its analysis, it would then suggest techniques to combat the signs of Ageing by displaying a list of online retailers selling Anti-Ageing products.

A fan of the mirror commented: “Tech and cosmetics should come together like this more often. The possibilities are endless with this mirror!”

Additionally, the mirror can also connect with your calendar to recommend a variety of looks to complement certain occasions – from your workplace to a friend’s wedding.

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