07 February 2013

The rise of FaceTime and Skype is leading to an increase in the number of people undergoing cosmetic surgery because they are becoming conscious of their appearance. These video call solutions are often used by individuals and businesses to speak to friends, family members and colleagues all over the world.However, plastic surgeons claim that because people using the technology can see an image of themselves in the bottom corner of the screen when they are talking, they are becoming increasingly conscious of the sagging skin around their neck and chin. As a result, they are going under the knife to alter their appearance and the trend has become known as the FaceTime Facelift. Dr Rich Castellano, a plastic surgeon in Tampa in the US, said: It is true, we all make our necks look worse when we look down. Many people, especially grandparents wanting to chat with their grandkids, are insecure about how they look while video chatting with loved ones.