13 October 2008

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) has just announced a new partnership with community website, in a bid to promote accurate and realistic information about cosmetic surgery on the web. positions itself as an impartial resource for finding out detailed facts on cosmetic treatments online. Through its new partnership with ASAPS, the organisation's certified surgeons will be on hand to answer thousands of community generated, cosmetic surgery-related questions posted on the site.

In addition, ASAPS will provide with authoritative content on cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery guides, with both companies intending to pursue joint market research and consumer safety initiatives.

Alan Gold, ASAPS President, said: " has proven itself to be different from other websites in that it represents a consumer community that discusses cosmetic surgery without a commercial bias.

"... Our involvement will help consumers make well-informed decisions based on science and facts rather than marketing promises and medically inaccurate information."

Tom Seery, President of, added: "Consumers wants and deserve the complete picture before undergoing a cosmetic procedure, whether it is an injectable like Botox or a procedure like tummy tuck surgery."

The agreement follows a worldwide effort to educate people on how to spot inaccurate or unethical cosmetic surgery marketing campaigns and protect patients from unlicensed surgeons.

In September, for example, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) launched its first-ever ad campaign to promote sensible decision making by people thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Last month also saw the birth of a new anti-ageing advice website,, which aims to offer advice on anti-ageing procedures like facelifts and eye bag removal.