Sorry to spoil the party – but your Dermatologist wants you to go easy on the Halloween make-up!

Sorry to spoil the party – but your Dermatologist wants you to go easy on the Halloween make-up!

26 October 2015

We all love getting dressed up for Halloween! This weekend is sure to see an endless parade of ghosts and ghouls enjoying the spooky celebrations. But if you’re planning an elaborate outfit this Halloween, it may be worth reading the warnings of American Dermatologist Dr Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas before caking your face in make-up.

In a recent interview the skin care expert warned that Halloween face paints are a very common cause of acne break outs and allergic reactions, thanks to the toxins they contain. “Because Halloween make-up tends to be lower quality and requires a long shelf life it tends to be the highest in toxic preservatives” the Doctor explained.

The vivid colours of a blood-red or bruised-looking-blue require different ingredients than your regular make-up and the intensified combinations can be harmful to your skin – especially if it’s delicate. 

Face paints use higher concentrations of occlusive ingredients, such as talc, which are known to clog the pores and often cause blemishes and breakouts.

The additional pigments, dyes and toxins in fancy dress make-up are also a common culprit for causing allergic reactions like allergic contact dermatitis. This can cause unsightly red rashes, skin lesions and even blistering for as long as a month after they’ve been applied – a high price to pay for one night of playing dress-up.

But it’s not all bad news; Dr Armenakas’ advice is primarily to, “Keep your use of Halloween make-up short and sweet…  Wear it for the event the clean it all off before going to bed.” Another alternative is to create your ghostly look using regular make-up – think of it like an extreme smoky eye!

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Image credit: Poprotskiy Alexey/ Shutterstock