22 August 2012

South Africa has become one of the world’s top destinations for the ‘surgery and safari’ trend, which is when tourists deliberately visit countries where they can also undergo cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgery is growing in popularity in South Africa, with breast augmentations and liposuction being the two most commonly performed procedures, IOL Lifestyle reports.Denise Hoogervorst, director of medical tourism company Surgical Bliss, explained that many people from other parts of Africa are attracted by the world-class surgeons based in Cape Town, while clinics offer a lot of tailor-made packages to suit their exact needs and budgets. “The priority is always the surgery and after that, the tourism. Some just want to rest and not run around sightseeing at all,” Ms Hoogervorst stated. Dr Anushka Reddy, owner of Medi-Sculpt Aesthetic Solutions and president of the South African Association of Cosmetic Doctors, explained it is not just women who book these kinds of holidays, as they are also popular among men, with the most popular procedure being Botox injections. She suggested working men start to feel threatened by younger colleagues when they reach a certain age, so they are looking for treatments that will help them to recapture their youth. See the full story here: