20 October 2008

Feisty Sharon Osbourne is one of those stars that you can't help being fascinated by - especially as she's certainly not one to keep her opinions to herself. Last week she struck out at celebrities that lie about any cosmetic surgery they've had done, going to far as to call them "lying b**tches"!

In a fit of vitriol, the America's Got Talent judge slammed celebs that have procedures done but aren't honest about it - and to tell you the truth I've got her back on this one. Like she says, why lie about it? There's nothing wrong with wanting to make sure you look as good as you possibly can. Australian star Nicole Kidman came under fire in particular as Sharon pondered why the actress denied using Botox or other non surgical wrinkle relaxants when she was convinced that the fair skinned beauty does.

Sharon isn't one to avoid putting her money where her mouth is and she's been very open about the cosmetic surgery treatments she's had in the past. From liposuction, a breast augmentation to a facelift and a tummy tuck, none of it has been kept in the dark and she positively embraces questions about the way that surgery has changed her life for the better.

If there's one thing Sharon's got, it's the golden touch when it comes to promotion - from managing husband Ozzy's music career to her own presenting jobs, the petite powerhouse shows no sign of flagging. There's even been rumours recently that she's to make a return to the X-Factor - I hope she does, because with Sharon on the board you can rely on there being some sparks flying!