14 October 2010

Various new sources are abuzz with speculation that movie star Tom Cruise may have turned to cosmetic surgery ahead of filming revealing scenes in the latest instalment of the Mission Impossible film franchise. Noting that the actor's bare chest was the subject of much scrutiny whilst the actor filmed forthcoming stunt-scenes, the Orange County Register claimed some sources believe Tom may have used liposuction in order to keep his torso free from middle-age spread. Disclosing that a web reporter had spotted what appeared to be small liposuction scars across Tom's chest, the California-based publication also revealed that one commentator had attributed seemingly-saggy skin around the actor's torso to liposuction. The newspaper earlier agreed that it was likely that the star turned to plastic surgery as his physique aged - having already thought to have undergone a nose job and laser skin treatments.However, the OCR's report also follows the Daily Mail's earlier speculation that Tom may have used wrinkle-erasing dermal fillers in a bid to keep ageing lines at bay whilst reprising the role of MI agent Ethan Hunt, which affirmed the actor's blockbuster-making status over 15 years ago. "While he is clearly still in great physical condition, it is invariably a far cry from his lean machine look in the hit 'Top Gun'. More than two decades on, gravity is threatening to turn his pecs into dreaded 'moobs' and he is undoubtedly thicker around the middle." The Daily Mail said while musing whether the star will turn to extensive surgery in the future.