31 July 2012

People should not rely on general cosmetics products to protect them adequately from the sun, according to new research. Products such as foundation and moisturiser claim to offer protection from UV rays and often have a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15, but according to a new study, the way people apply these cosmetics means they're not receiving adequate protection.According to a report by the Daily Mail, because women are unlikely to reapply foundation at regular intervals throughout the day and because relatively small amounts of these cosmetics are used, they will not be sufficiently protected from the sun's rays. Cosmetic dermatologist Dr Sam Bunting said: "The reality is straightforward. At least 80 per cent of ageing is due to sun exposure, and the relationship between unprotected sun exposure and skin cancer is well documented. "Daily cosmetics simply dont offer what we need to protect us. Add in the fact that the way we apply them is unlikely to deliver the kind of coverage required to reach the SPF on the label, and the fact they are not designed to adhere to the skin like sunscreens, and you can see why there are concerns." In order to protect the skin against everything from wrinkles to skin cancer, people are advised to use a dedicated product.