11 February 2014

Man having back waxed cartoonAs the most romantic day of the year approaches, men have been ramping up their efforts to look their best for their partners And, said three-quarters of those who answered a recent survey, their motive for doing so was to put the romance back into their relationship.Celebrities such as Peter Andre and David Beckham were said to be the leaders in this trend, which is being embraced most widely by men as they approach an important milestone in their lives, according to a report on FemaleFirst.co.uk. It noted that Laser Hair Removal is the most asked-for procedure, with Botox and Dermal Fillers close behind. The article said the average age of men seeking consultations was 39, "showing men who embraced the hard-partying 'lad' culture of the 1990s are looking to lose the tell-tale signs of late nights and high living to achieve a more youthful, clean-cut profile to appeal to their partners". So men, what are the signs of ageing that you most want to reverse? Let us know on our social media pages.