12 September 2013

A red face might not mean that someone is blushing or has just been over-exerting themselves � it might also be caused by a common skin complaint. Rosacea, according to Irish website Tv3.ie, affects millions of men and women, and while there is no proven cure, there are ways of avoiding the most common causes which are thought to trigger it. "The symptoms of redness, enlarged blood vessels and thickened skin are common to rosacea," the article noted. And after excessive sun exposure, stress and a lack of sleep are considered the most common factors leading to the onset of the condition. "So reduce all unnecessary sun exposure during the peak UV hours, keep your skin and face covered and apply sunscreen," advises the Rosacea Society, a help group for sufferers of the condition. High alcohol consumption is also considered a major contributor to outbreaks, while a large proportion of sufferers also report that they experience problems after eating spicy food. The acne-like bumps which are a symptom of the condition are often mistaken for acne, the article also notes. And to tackle the problem on an ongoing basis, it suggests keeping out of humid places, turning down the thermostat in your house, and keeping it well ventilated.