05 March 2012

Danielle Mason, star of the latest series of Channel 4 documentary My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, has revealed that she had a boob job to increase her self-confidence. While Mason admits that her boyfriend, and father of their only child Rudy, sometimes gets a bit jealous of other men looking at her chest, she says its worth it for the self-esteem she now has. The 28-year-old went from a size DD to a FF cup and says she feels much happier now.In an interview with the Daily Star, Mason said: Im really happy with my boobs. After youve had a baby, you lose so much confidence. Well I did, anyway. I suffered with post-natal depression. I just wanted to get them done for my own sake and I feel much happier now. Tony was up for it and helped me pay for them. But theyre quite big now so a lot of people do look at them and he gets a bit funny about that. He doesnt like me wearing revealing tops but now Ive got them done I want to show them off, she added. Danielle is the younger sister of soapstar Jessie Wallace, who played Kat Moon in Eastenders, but she says they havent seen each other for a while. The sisters fell out over a man a few years ago but Danielle hopes they will make up this year. I think we might make up this year and I hope shell be tuning in to watch the show, she said. See the original story here: