31 January 2012

Marcia Cross, better known as Bree Van de Kamp in hit television show Desperate Housewives, has revealed that she would not rule out having cosmetic surgery. In an interview with the Daily Mail, the 49-year-old, who turns 50 this year, talked candidly about becoming a mother to twin girls fairly late in life, saying she would not want to play down how hard it is. Despite looking great for her age something she attributes to always taking her makeup off and always wearing sun cream Cross admits she wouldnt rule out the possibility of a helping hand in the future.She said: We [cast of Desperate Housewives] say well do anything as long as it doesnt involve a knife! Id never say no to surgery in the future, because I feel like as I get older Im going to face temptation more. Turning 50 is huge, its monumental, but not in terms of beauty. She also revealed that she will not be taking on any roles for a little while, leaving herself time to concentrate on motherhood and exercise, the latter being something that has suffered since giving birth.