Star of Gossip Girl talks anti-ageing and cosmetic treatments

09 March 2012

Hollywood actress and star of hit television series Gossip Girl, Kelly Rutherford, has revealed that she waited to have Botox until she had had her children. In an interview with OK!US magazine, the 43-year-old mother of two Ė son Hermes, five, and daughter, Helen, three Ė defied pressures to start the anti-ageing regime young, and waited until after motherhood.She explained: ďI figure your body goes through so many changes when youíre pregnant and youíre nursing. Itís actually my motherís advice: ĎWait until a year or two after youíve had your children, after you breastfed, to do anything, because your body goes through so much anyway.í I listened to her advice, and Iím glad I did. ďThere are benefits to maybe starting things younger or earlier, but for me, I tend to do things the most natural way possible. Iím at an age now where it makes sense to do it.Ē On the results of Botox injections, Rutherford said: ďItís great. Iím starting to do a little bit of it. I had friends who started much earlier, and there are pros and cons with that. Then, you donít really get the wrinkles. But I go in and have a little bit here and there. Itís preventative.Ē ďIt feels nice,Ē she adds. ďMy motherís sends me studies of how it instantly makes you happy because you canít frown. Itís proven that emotionally youíre happier, which I think is very funny. Iím a believer that if it makes you feel better, then do it. Itís not doing harm to anybody. We all want to look our best.Ē See original story here: