20 March 2012

Reality television star Danielle Mason has appeared in UK women's magazine Closer to show off her curves. The 29-year-old stripped down to a red bikini for the photoshoot and revealed that she has lost three stone following the birth of her son Rudy seven months ago. Along with her flat stomach, the television star displayed the curves she gained as a result of breast enhancement surgery carried out three months ago.Mason, who is the sister of former EastEnders actress Jessie Wallace, admitted earlier this month that she'd had the procedure, which took her from a size DD to a FF cup. Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, she said the operation to increase the size of her breasts had boosted her self-confidence. During her interview with Closer, Mason said that she has been working out with her fiance Toni Giles following the birth of her son and is now feeling "really good" and loves her body again. She said: "I like my curves and so does Tony. He's always telling me not to lose too much weight like Jessie did a while ago. She got too skinny, but I think she looks great now. "Tony really liked my pregnant body too. My main thing now is to tone up. I like my legs and my boobs, but I want to work on my tummy and arms."