Star of Teen Mom reveals why she chose to have breast implants

07 July 2011

stk212563rkeFarrah Abraham, star of American reality television show Teen Mom, has revealed why she decided to have breast enlargement surgery. On the latest episode of the show, aired on MTV this week, Abraham is filmed considering the procedure, during which she reveals why she wants the surgery.In an interview with US Magazine about the new series of the show, Abraham said: “I thought I lost 'boobage' from having a baby. “You'll see the pain I went through and the sacrifices I had to make so I could make [the surgery] possible in between school and taking care of Sophia. It was a challenging time, [but] it's helped my confidence and [made me] feel more like a woman.” Abraham hopes the cosmetic surgery will not only boost her self esteem but also her modelling career, which she believes is her way to make a sure her daughter has a good life.