Start hair removal treatments now for a smoother summer says surgeon

28 February 2013

dv2084004Early spring is the ideal time to embark on a course of laser hair removal treatments, especially as people become more willing to divest their outer layers of clothing with the arrival of warmer weather. Over the coming weeks, while the weather is still cool and benign, it's the ideal time to book a course of laser hair removal, according to a leading American cosmetic surgeon. Dr Paul Flashner has therefore written an article which has appeared in the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, in which he sets out to dispel five major myths about laser hair removal. Above all, he says it is suitable for patients with all types of skin, as modern hair removal systems react appropriately to the answers which patients give to specific questions about their skin type and condition. As for treatments causing pain, he says that modern equipment delivers only a gentle, concentrated form of heat onto the area to be treated. On the question of its cost, Dr Flashner says that the price of laser hair treatments is soon equalled, and more often overtaken, when a person chooses instead to continue waxing or shaving. Intervals between treatments have also been lengthened to up to 12 weeks, which helps make long-term hair removal much less tedious, he adds. Finally, as the laser treatment reaches and treats hair at its roots, patients can shave other areas between their appointments without having to worry about unsightly hair re-growth. "The technologies available now [for laser hair removal] target faster results, fewer treatments and less discomfort," Dr Flashner concluded. "Now is the perfect time for people to make sure they'll be beach-ready by summer."