08 July 2014

In the run up to summer, many people end up embarking on a series of drastic diets and intense workouts in an effort to look their best for the sunny season. However, with many women leaving it to the last minute to achieve that perfect beach body for their upcoming holidays, this has resulted in a new trend: Cosmetic Surgery. According to recent research, more Danish women are undergoing Liposuction and Breast Enlargement procedures than ever before with 2013 showing 1,756 women either having their breasts lifted or enlarged while 697 underwent Liposuction to shift unwanted fat from their tummy, buttocks or thighs. So when is a Cosmetic Surgeon likely to be in the most demand? In the weeks leading up to the beach season of July and August, apparently. Popular private clinics including Hovedstadens Plastikkirurgi, Nage, Nygart and Qura as well as private hospital, Aleris-Hamlet have all reported a significant increase in the number of patients enquiring about these procedures prior to the summer season. As paradoxical as it may sound, people ask for Liposuction right before the holidays, although we recommend the winter, because you need to wear bandages for a while after the surgery, explained Cosmetic Surgeon Bo Jnsson. Are any of you booked in for Cosmetic Surgery before jetting off on holiday? Post your experiences on Facebook today and lets see which procedure comes out on top!