02 March 2011

Recent research suggests that Brits could save millions of pounds each year by switching from shaving, epilating and waxing, to laser hair removal. According to the study, the men and women of Britain spend up to 1.8 billion on razors every year, and this doesnt include the money spent on depilatory creams, threading, waxing and other hair removal methods. The study reveals that over the course of a lifetime, leg waxing will cost around 8,000, meaning that those wanting to keep their legs fuzz-free could save approximately 7,000 by choosing laser hair removal treatments instead. Television personality and face of Channel 4s Ten Years Younger Nicky Hambleton-Jones has come out in support of the cosmetic treatment, saying: Come on ladies and gents! Its time to throw out those razors and think about an alternative solution to unwanted hair. Im a great believer in laser hair removal, especially as its not always easy to find time to keep your body hair free.