07 December 2010

I was going to write another blog about Christmas this week, but I was just so inspired by a recent news story about single women in their 60s I just couldn't resist. Basically, it was a lovely interview in the Daily Mail that talked to three women who were in their 60s and absolutely loving it. A lot of the time older people simply get discounted these days, but it really is true that it's easier than ever to stay young at heart for longer.People are living to grand old ages these days, with the help of modern medicine and improved living conditions, so it seems only right that they should be able to enjoy it too. Still though, the amount of magazine or news stories I see about older women enjoying themselves could probably be counted on one hand, so I was really pleased to see this one. After all, there are people close to me who'll be reaching 60 in the not too distant future (sorry mum, I promise you an extra special birthday that year). What's more, touch wood, me and all of my friends will be in the same boat one day! Luckily for me, I'll know all the tips and tricks for looking younger too. From non surgical solutions such as Botox and skin peels to thread vein removal, I'm going to make sure I share all my secrets with my friends when we get to that age. And I hope we're full of as many high spirits as the women in their 60s who are living life to the full right now.