06 September 2012

Blood vessels grown from stem cells harvested through liposuction could be used to improve the success of other surgical procedures, new research suggests. Dr Elizabeth Fox, a plastic surgeon based in Naples, Florida, explained that often blood vessels grafted from other parts of the body or grown synthetically can lead to clotting and rejection, or fail to function properly.However, fat cells - such as those removed during liposuction - contain an anti-ageing property and a pluripotent stem cell, which is capable of stimulating the growth of other cells, she explained. Researchers want to harvest these fat cells and use them during surgical procedures in the hope of making operations more successful. Dr Fox explained that she already uses the idea for cosmetic surgery procedures. "Fat injections, a very important part of facial rejuvenation, can not only restore volume but improve the youthfulness of the skin's structures because they supply new stem cells," she stated. "My facelifts often include fat injection so that the properties of these stem cells can naturally improve the rejuvenation of the skin.” Read the full story here: