21 October 2010

Recent developments in treatments for scars and stretch marks appear to have resulted in a rise in the number of people booking procedures. The Harley Medical Group has reported an increase in the number of bookings following the introduction of a new laser treatment for stretch marks. The fractional laser is the only non-surgical laser treatment of its kind to be approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and it has been proven to dramatically reduce the appearance of stretch marks after only a few sessions. No downtime is required after the sessions and patients are able to immediately return to work or their daily life after a treatment. The laser works by delivering a ray of microbeams that creates columns of heat within the skin. This heating kick starts the natural healing process and stimulates new, healthy tissue. Specialist Nurse Councillor Lisa Littlehales explained: "After spending days in swimwear on the beach, many women return from their summer holidays feeling compelled to change parts of their body they aren't happy with. With 90% of women suffering from stretch marks, usually on their breasts, stomach or thighs, the new laser procedure is the ultimate beauty treatment." While the majority of people seeking treatment for stretch marks are women, it is a problem that can affect men too. Stretch marks can be caused by fluctuations in weight or growth spurts as well as during pregnancy.