15 April 2013

beauty treatmentA new American study has set out to bridge the gap in our knowledge of how age actually manifests itself in our faces. The study is being carried out among a number of cosmetic surgeons themselves, including the doctor co-ordinating it, Val S Lambros, who practises in Newport Beach, California. Explaining why the study has been established, Dr Lambros said: "Typically, facial aging has been understood by what we do to improve the look of the face. "For example, when all we were doing was pulling on the face using the facelift, it was thought that the face largely aged by descent. Now that we have the tools to fill the face, we think of the face as deflating as it ages," she added. "But what really happens?" Dr Lambros started looking for an answer to this question in 2005, using a 3-D camera to take pictures of some of her colleagues at annual meetings, and evaluating the changes noted year by year. "This is the first comprehensive attempt to scientifically document facial aging, and I think it is an extremely interesting and worthwhile effort," said Dr James Stuzin of Miami, Florida, who officiated at the public unveiling of Dr Lambros' research on Saturday. Read the full story here:http://www.timesunion.com/business/press-releases/article/Long-Term-Study-Looks-at-What-Really-Happens-to-4431958.php#ixzz2QWujqS77