19 July 2012

New research has revealed that having plastic surgery can help to boost a persons confidence and make them feel better about them self. Carried out by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine's Center for Human Appearance, an investigation found 87 per cent of patients were left with a feeling of satisfaction after undergoing a procedure.Respondents said this was because they felt happier with their overall appearance, as well as the appearance of the area on which the work was done. Women in particular seemed to experience a confidence boost, as they claimed they felt better in both work and social situations. Plastic surgeon Professor Laurence Kirwan said that this kind of improvement in an individuals self confidence could do wonders for their career something that is particularly important in the current economic downturn. What is more, surgery is now a lot safer than it used to be. Another important point worth mentioning is that modern technology has drastically reduced the number of complications arising from traditional forms of some of the most popular procedures, Professor Kirwan stated.