03 September 2012

A new study has revealed Botox could be used to treat acne. Currently, the non-invasive treatment is used by cosmetic clinics as a way to prevent heavy lines and wrinkles from forming on the face.However, Chicago-based plastic surgeon Anil Shah MD has published a report that shows the solution can also be injected into the skin to lower the amount of sebum it produces thus reducing the number of clogged pores the patient experiences. Acne is caused when the skins sebaceous glands produce an excessive amount of sebum into the pores. Bacteria then feed on this and reproduce, which causes the pores to become inflamed. Dr Shah believes the treatment works because the Botox blocks the chemical acetycholine in the dermis of the skin from increasing the amount of sebum produced. It also paralyses the tiny muscles surrounding the skins pours that cause them to expand. Botox definitely clears up acne, the doctor stated. I only treat patients over 20 years old. Their hormonal changes are likely permanent. For them Botox is now the safest, most effective treatment we have." There are other types of acne treatment that have been around for much longer, such as PPx/Isolaz, which is a laser treatment that has been approved by the Food & Drug Administration. The majority of patients notice a visible improvement in their skin condition between 24 and 48 hours after the procedure. Alternatively, individuals could try an Obagi Blue Skin Peel or Dermaroller, which is used to treat acne scarring. See the full story here: http://www.medicaldaily.com/articles/11798/20120829/botox-the-new-way-to-combat-acne.htm