Study suggests women feel most beautiful at 30 – finally some pro-ageing beauty news!

22 June 2015

A new study has revealed women may (finally!) be feeling more positive about the ageing process.

In a survey of 1,000 women living in the UK, over half said they loved being aged between 26 and 40, with 30 being the age women felt the most beautiful.

But that’s not all, in more positive news, two thirds of the women surveyed also reported feeling more confident as they aged and said they were – refreshingly – embracing the changes to their face and body.

The shift in our attitude towards growing older is likely to be due to a general increase in health and well-being. Women take better care of themselves inside and out nowadays, no doubt meaning they look and feel better, at every age, compared to previous generations.

While women may feel better about themselves, it seems the way the media treat women (particularly celebrities) is still tainted by a sexist attitude.

On the subject, Penelope Cruz, commented: “The industry still treats men and women very differently. And one of those things is that they would never ask a man, an actor, in a press conference, about his age or how does he feel about turning 40 (or) 50. For a woman, I think they've been asking me how I feel about getting older since I was 20!”

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