Stunning at 70 – how do they do it?

Stunning at 70 – how do they do it?

3 June 2016

Stunning at 70 – how do they do it?

Did you know that 70 is the new 50? And it’s no wonder when you look at some of the 70-year-old celebrities gracing the red carpet. So just how do they do it? Your favourite septuagenarians reveal the secret to looking young.

  • Diane Keaton, 70

For Diane Keaton, the secret of youth lies in proper sun protection. The 70-year-old admitted to carrying sunscreen with her whenever she leaves the house.

She explained: “Back in my 20s I didn’t pay much attention [to sun care]. I didn’t research and didn’t really care and that was stupid because it’s dogged me my entire adult life, even recently. I didn’t start suncare until my 40s.”

  • Helen Mirren, 70

Having famously portrayed the Queen, Helen Mirren rules the roost when it comes to looking great for your age. Her secret? Keeping up with the latest trends.

She said: “A lot of women get stuck at what they’re good at and what they did between 18 and 28. They never have the courage to change that. You see women from the 60s still with their beehives and now they’re in their 70s.”

When it comes to beauty, the star is an advocate of a good cleansing regime, adding that smoking also plays a part in premature ageing.

  • Cher, 70

The newly-turned 70-year-old has undergone Cosmetic Surgery over the years in a bid to stay youthful. Despite this, she maintains that good genes have prevented her from ageing before her time.

She cites her mother, Georgia Holt, who turns 90 next month and has retained her youthful looks.

  • Joanna Lumley, 70

The glamorous Joanna Lumley admitted to having Dermal Fillers regularly to keep her looking young.

She said: “I’ve had collagen to fill out a scar on my chin. I’ve also used it on deep lines across my forehead. It can stop you looking worried or tired.”

Whatever they’re doing, these stars look great. What are your top Anti-Ageing tips? Share them with us today on Facebook.


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