02 March 2012

An invitation to speak at the 91st annual meeting of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons has been extended to two industry-leading figures, on the back of research into facelift surgery techniques. Doctors Lawrence Gray and R Brannon Claytor will be asked to present the findings of their research paper entitled MACS Facelift with FATS at the meeting, to be held in San Francisco next month.The MACS (minimal access cranial suspension) facelift is one that has been used by top cosmetic surgery clinics in recent years, and is particularly popular with those looking for a more subtle lift with decreased downtime. Dr Gray has gone a step further in his use of the MACS technique, by introducing FATS (finger assisted tissue separation), which he says gives better results, as well as even faster recovery times. The MACS facelift is also available in UK cosmetic surgery clinics. See original story here: