25 July 2014

With summer in full swing this year, many sun worshippers are making the most of this glorious weather but unfortunately, are not making the most of their beauty regimes. Leaving themselves exposed to possible sunburn and damaged hair, its imperative that people take short term measures in order to prevent any long term health problems.FaceMany are under the illusion that regular sun creams are suited for facial use however, these tend to be too heavy for the face, and should be avoided. Facial sun protection can be purchased separately, and can be worn underneath any makeup. Additionally, primers with SPF15 and above work well protecting you from the sun as well as helping your makeup to last for much longer. Prevent your lips from being cracked with the use of sun protection lip balm.ScalpAn often overlooked part of the body, sun cream should always be applied to this area. While hats serve as a temporary solution, theres always the option of a scalp sun protection spray preventing your scalp from becoming dry or flaky.HairKeep those locks looking lush with heat defence spray after styling or for DIY beauty enthusiasts, make your own sunscreen by diluting a small amount of sun cream and spraying it into your hair. Top tip apply while hair is wet, as this stops your hair from appearing greasy.EyesProtect your eyes from UVA, UVB and HEV rays using sunglasses that offer high protection against these types of rays. Prescriptive glasses are ideal, as these offer defence from the sun in both the summer as well as winter. Can you recommend any summer skincare and hair advice? Feature your suggestions on our Facebook page today!