12 July 2012

The number of people undergoing liposuction procedures increases during the summer months, it has been revealed. Dr Payam Jarrah-Nejah, a plastic surgeon in Beverley Hills, receives more enquiries about the surgery when the weather starts getting warmer than he does during winter.This is likely to be because people want their body to be in the best possible shape if they are going on holiday and showing more flesh than they would when it is cold. Dr Jarreh-Nejah believes liposuction is a procedure that combines science with art. “What I do is probably best described as 'liposculpture’, where we sculpt the body by removing the fat from unwanted areas,” he stated. “It needs to be done by someone who is not only, of course, highly qualified as a surgeon but who is also an artist with an excellent sense of beauty.” In some cases, the fat that is removed from the body using liposuction can then be used for other procedures such as a Brazilian butt lift. Liposuction is a popular surgery as scarring is minimal. It can be performed under local or general anaesthetic, which means patients can often be up and about on the same day.